Brass Sheet Cutting Parts

Brass Sheet Cutting Parts
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   Specification followed:
  • Pressed parts can be made as per custom design and specification
  • Brass Sheet Half Hard as per IS 410 or
  • 63/37 Half Hard Brass Sheet.
  • Length / Size: Any size as per custom design or requirement
  • Finish And Coating: Natural, Nickle Plated, Tin Plated or any coating as per customer specification.
  • High Speed Cutting Sheet Aluminum Brass Tubing Cutting Steel Cutting Metal Brass Metals Sheet Steel Sheet Plastic Cutting Cutters Brass Metal Sheet Acrylic Stainless Sheet Tubing Cutting Plastic Brass Pipe Polycarbonate Sheet Metal Sheet Brass, Copper Washers, Brass Copper Sheet Metal Parts
  • Any kind of brass sheet cutting parts can be developed and supplied exactly as per customer specifications.